Friday, March 30, 2012

hack cf 1101

Modz Infomation hack cf
Name: Aim-bot one hit hack, auto headshot crossfire
Last Update: Today
Working on: CrossFire RU, PH, INDO, US, VN, EU and more...
D3D: Crosshair, Wall, Full bright
Normal: Jump, No recoil, no reload, no reload sniper, no fall damage, no grenade damage, unlimit ammo
Super function: Teleport pro, auto headshot, one hit zoombie, knife, speed, walk through wall, spy, disconnect all player, shoot through wall hack cf
hack cf 1100

*Wall Hack --- Hack through walls
*See Ghost --- Hack see ghost
*Draw Line --- straight line drawn to connect the characters in the map
*Draw Box --- The square brackets around the character in the map
*Tag Name --- The name of the character in the map
*HP bar --- The character health bar in the map
*Cross hair --- General Messages {can choose color 1 in 3 colors available}
*Jump Hack --- Hack high jump
*No Recoil --- Hack recoilless
*No Reload --- Change bullets quickly
*No Reload Sniper --- The Sniper bullets faster
*Max Range Weapon --- Unknown
*No Grenade Damage --- Bombs exploding blood loss
*Bomb Fast --- Set a bomb quickly
*Bomb Defuse Distance --- Uninstall bombs away
*Knife Attack --- Unknown
*One hit Knife --- Hack 1 hit knife
*Long Knife {right mouse} --- Length knife away {right} hack cf
*Teleport --- Resurrection in the enemy camp {in which camp you then choose which faction, if you are then selected BL BL side, after death you will be revived in the GR}
*One Shot Cash player --- Unknown
*Create Knife Map --- Create a map and knife fighting
*Mini Speed ??hack --- Hack-speed, speed
*Crouch Speed ??{Ctrl} --- Quick seat
*Walk Through Wall --- Going through walls
*Shoot Through Wall --- Shoot through walls
*Auto Headshot --- Auto-aim at the beginning {head} or body {body} as you shoot enemy
*Aim Key {Left Shift} ---
Hot key for auto headshot: When you enable this function will automatically turn off auto headshot ... when you press the SHIFT key on the left then auto headshot will work, when you release the SHIFT key will turn off the auto headshot.
*A hit zoombie {AI more} *Hack one hit zoombie AI mode
*** As reflected by a number you use from the previous version, the function of the high jump, go through walls, one hit faulty unusable or unavailable. Function One hit knife, cutting knife away just Zoombie mode operation, while in the other mode is not active or no blood loss guillotine. For the above problem, the Boss Game think you should limit use to program and wait for the stable operation of the program authors fix.
*Function change fast bullet is error-prone code Boss Game installation should also recommend that you should not use unnecessary
* Note: If you play a new CF is running Russia fileAIMBOT-FIX For CF Russia.exe, if not run as normal aimbot.exe
Note **: For win7, when you open the hack please right click and select Run as Administrator and disable the antivirus program to hack to work
Hotkey: in game hit INSERT to disable / enable hack menu
Scroll to the function and on / off functions:

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