Tuesday, April 17, 2012

|Ro[c]co| Cfg İndir ( Counter Strike 1.6) [|Ro[c]co| Cfg Download ( Counter Strike 1.6)]

| Ro [c] co | CFG | CFG Full Feature
A cfg'dir with great features. I'm sick of typing the following properties. There are so many features that you understand. I would recommend you try to download Rocco CFG'yi. Good games to everyone.

  1. | Ro [c] co | Cfg Propertiess
  •      Super Bunny
  •      Best of CL_ Settings
  •      Best of GL_ Settings
  •      Best of Ati_ Settings
  •      Best of Duck Settings
  •      Aim for Best Settings
  •      Quiet Walk
  •      HUD Best Settings
  •      Best Rate and FPS Settings
  •      perfect Alias

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