Friday, March 30, 2012

cheat o matic download

Although the forum in the art, such as money and cheat engine cheat programs though I have made ​​presentations to you as an alternative to both small, and simple to use, and not tire system, as well as TURKISH (not you read wrong) I would like to introduce a program. TRKY *

Cheat'O Matic program name. This program is almost a majority of the games market, it is possible to cheat. The program included in any existing applications on the virtual memory space, an active choice to change the numeric variable, or ice cream has the ability to detect and follow-up. In short, the principle of operation is as follows:
1 - First of all çalıştırımalısınız game you want to do the trick.
2 - Then there is a numeric variable, you must select in the game. This variable is money, life, energy, mana, bullets and so on. can.
3 - Cheat 'O Matic program, choose Open from the list above to find the name of your game.
4 - Then you should press the search seçtiğiniğz enter a numeric variable in the box below.
5 - The first search process is finished, you will be prompted to a new numeric value. Go back into the game to change the numeric variable.
6 - the new value, keeping in mind, go back to the program, the program arattırmalısınız. Program, 5 and 6 will ask you to repeat the steps until you determine the variable.
7 - After determining the program no longer want to change this variable and, if you enter a new value by clicking on the bottom right of the box can stabilize the value in memory until the program or game.

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