Tuesday, April 17, 2012


droidwifi v1.2.1, descargar, transfer, download, upload, delete, copy, streams and using a web browser via WiFi connection, you can manage files on your Android device.
Now, by taking the SD card or camera phone to take pics or fave MP3 in a separate copy of the cable to access the grabbing. droidwifi v1.2.1 descargar

Droidwifi v1.2.
Droidwifi v1.2

FEATURES droidwifi
1. Using a web browser, browse, download and manage all the files on Android without needing a cable;
2. Multiple batch file at a time when transferring multiple files to upload and download to save you time;
3. For example, only the camera directory backup by downloading all your photos - all with just one simple click, directories Download Android device
4. Select your Android device, all the directories and all the SD card to backup multiple downloads!
5. Download streaming media over the list quickly, flick, and stream media files to ensure that all stored in a directory;
6. Create a brand new directory and delete / / copy, rename / zip / unzip files - an excellent file manager;
7. Is the stored files from any application on Android devices? WiFi File Explorer to click only once, so that the web browser will automatically install them in the installer;
8. Individual Android device streaming music and video files directly from a web browser;
9. A web browser, all the camera pictures and videos directly from your Android device profile;
10. Buttons or setting up a simple to use - it just works!
11. Password-protected;
12. Ability to configure port settings;
13. Full support for special characters;
14. Send e-mail app, the web link for easy connectivity;

15. Lot in the development of more specific;

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