Friday, March 30, 2012

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Facebookta reaching millions of users
Takes an important place in the Turks. Recently, many people
dertyanmakta stolen password. In this paper
By understanding how to break facebook passwords önleminizi
You can. Here are the details ...
How Passwords
The simplest is known about the password cracking
Methods, password break, the person date of birth,
place of residence, or a dog lover and things like name and their first choice
combinations of the experiment. Your password consists of the things that I mentioned
Everything about you may hurt your head to reach even the 13-year-old brat.

Yet another method is very simple, such as secret questions Hotmail'deki side
appealing options. If the secret question "What is your car brand?" And
The answer to this question is really like an idiot as you mark your car
Hotmail password is set, any person who has this knowledge
easily captured ...

This issue is particularly important job a little more exaggerated variety of people who
benefit programs. How many characters the password can be included in these programs,
Whether or special symbols in the figure as simple as giving details of
according to the situation after each letter of the alphabet, digits, etc., one by one using
and in this way is tested password attempts to several thousands of seconds. These programs are
a few seconds for a hacker to find job, but I never understood Hacker'lıktan
vowed to break the password of an ordinary man (For example, a deceived
women) more than 15 minutes to find the program, to learn and practice
It takes half an hour at the most. So you see, your password enough güvensizse
password within 1 hour break after a one manginess. Now a
some more examples will clarify this topic: Let's say a file on your computer
password consists of 6 characters, and only lower case letters (the most common password
type is). Get up from your computer, the malicious friend
machine seized. This friend, like a snake with you one lured
do not need to have the internet in your office or your local network
which can be one of your computer (not difficult at all to do so). File
encountered wanted to open and password. You also know that your water and password huyunuzu
appropriate instructions to the crusher said: "Between 4-8 characters, only lowercase letters,
figure can be seen. "password cracker will make light of this information is:

* "Aaaa, aaab, AAAC, ..., aabr, AAbs, ..., zzzz" as a four-letter word
try to make up any password or random order.
* After the same 5, 6,
7 and 8 characters to try to be (in time as the number of characters
* The numbers will consist of a combination of the literal result fails to
try, because it extends a little more time, this time finding the password of the alphabet 29
added to a 10 digit number next to the letter alphabet.
* Program
the light of information given to him can not find the correct password, the different possibilities
Want to work on new instructions from user.

Each of the steps mentioned in the password, the computer transaction is made
tried within a short period of time depending on the speed the location of the next one saliseden
leaves. Several million transactions per second, an ordinary Pentium 4 processor
If we think you can do, if you have a simple password, the maximum breaking
quarter hour, half an hour to let it take you not know. In addition, advanced password breakers
The words on the internet or in a database of memories
If we think has benefited only a few simple passwords to break
minute work ...
I mentioned the last paragraph of this method is only Gmail, Hotmail, such as
of services over the internet is useless, or rather, the password
break days (hard to break passwords for months) because these companies take such
account password attempt a series of locks, even if the correct password does girilse.
Be able to log into your account or this attack is to try out the new passwords
Wait a few minutes after, the real owner of that account at this time
tries to log a warning appears on the screen. Such a warning
The only thing you do experience a moment before logging in to your account
password-protected so that the top-level change, so now it is the subject
I enter ...

First you need to know is this:
facebook, security, hacker, internet, msn, password cracking programs or virüsŞifre
Most hackers use the same method of forcing passwords, all of the following four things
which contain multiple passwords:

* Large Letter
* Small Caps
* The figure
* Special symbols (@,!, &, /,
, etc.).

They are just not enough, the password must be longer. Also in passwords
Date of anything that makes sense, or lack of words
is benevolence. Created by paying attention to all this, to break a password
In most cases, is almost impossible. "OK, I'm also a password so complicated
How do you remember? "If you ask, the things that are meant for you
I would recommend changing the burn. Whatever you do alone, this
Do not write passwords somewhere like that. At least reminders
Unfortunately, this is a person who took the form of notes still ulaşamasın your password

However, the need to know, with enough time and patience of a different words
password to you sooner or later, someone wearing a head grade manyaklık
will break. Relying on a single password that you created this reason, craving
sıkıldıkça no reason to change your password. In addition, e-mail address
Whether you are a member of different sites using this address, password, password,
e-mail account password, even if it breaks, so the site still to be in your hand
This web site is password sent to you by e-mail account easily
You can undo.

Finally, non-password methods also protect you against him
required. Never forget I mentioned earlier incident, and Secret Question
Set in a completely irrelevant reply to the question asked. Personal favorite "dog
name? "In response to the question, and I hate the dusty pages of history many years ago
I'm buried, forgotten by most people even in the presence of a person's name
write ...

Hazards Other Dimensions facebook password hacker
The classical methods of password cracking and
I told them the ways of prevention, what security is all we have
consist? Of course not ... He made so much vulnerability and infiltrate these places
There are so many types of attack that lasts all day if he tries to explain ...
In addition, as an ordinary computer user, I know this subject
limited. Again, briefly, the most common ones
talk about:
facebook, security, hacker, internet, msn, password, virüsKeylogger:
A simple software for computer records every key pressed on the keyboard to settle. This
Program records are then followed by the e-mail or other means you
who were sent to the person or a computer hacker accessed the records themselves
is. In this way, people on MSN typed and entered in any environment
occurs, the user name and passwords, such as pumpkin. Way of protection, antivirus
Locate and install the program to destroy files or records are kept.
Viruses: Recently, these viruses spread well and I am sure this article
most people came to the top reads. One of the list where you stood in a zip
sends file or link, you click on something sent by a virus transmitted to you as well
and the arms to spread itself sıvıyor your contact. Depending on the situation
Your computer crashes or goes into the hands of the various details of others. Moment
address by sending the most common virüsümsü
formation. MSN address and password to the address you want to enter this site,
you see who is blocking you this information on behalf of the purest of pure
give. From that moment on your MSN account and your site up in the hands
MSN'inize even entering your computer from another computer is turned off
sent to the same link to everyone on your list. This kind of you to avoid pitfalls
Friend or sending files via MSN to link at least, "This is what daddy?"
Ask someone, if you are not satisfied with the answer given by "Where are you now?, alongside
Who is next? "the problem with such questions. Irrelevant responses from opposing
friend, not a program that logged on to MSN.

Simulating Sites: Widely used in personal sites to mimic
aims to reach the sites information. I mentioned in a previous article
the last is heard often these viruses faydalanıyor.En
address. Facebook was supposed to be Turkish, you can also login to the site, which will
Turkish Benefit formation. After logging in page does not open, but Facebook
e-mail address and password you use to have already been taken over Facebook
happening. If you use e-mail account password Facebook password entering
Congratulations to the same as, the golden mail password
using creative methods such as this naive users have submitted the tray ...
trap is reduced easily. Avoid the really hard, because those who they
breaking through to the end of the limits of creativity. I came to my mind the only certain
method, McAffee SiteAdvisor. This program of each site you visit your browser
simultaneously, then the site is dangerous to compare their own database'iyle
through the shows you if the colors, as well as
Google and other popular search engines
put a sign next to the search results. Since i have known myself
I am using manual must find