Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Transformice Hack brasil 2012

Hack Transfırmice

Teleport: When you press Ctrl or Shift teleports to where the mouse pointer on the map.

Criar loucamente itens: holding Şamanken create unlimited items. Does not hold more than lag
Wj air: Fly hack something similar. Easy to make and air wj.

Wj Novo hack: If you know a little bit easier to make new wj wj wj allows you to hack.

Queijo na hora: According to this program when you press ctrl you will have just the cheese.

Nunca morrer: Never die.

Vassoura hack: you can fly with the broom.
Canon nao te afeta: draglar aktifleştirdiğinizde this trick does not affect you.

Afeta nao te Spirit: the spirit of the shaman, the spsi This one will not affect you.

Criar itens na hora: This trick will disappear with the shaman's item creation field. So no matter where the shaman can object on the map where they want.

Mover objeto enquanto cria: This trick when creating your object can be moved with the shaman. Criar itens loucamente (very fast to create an object) can be used simultaneously with fraud.

transformice sizlere bir hack
 baixar transformice

Flood chat: This trick can do with the flood.

Anti-lag: This trick of the small dust cloud with the cheese when you turn off anyway. In this way you play lags.

Anti-lag 2: This trick which enters the hole in the hearts of the bubbles off and died.

Nao elasticidade: lava into the air you uçurmaz ground.

Nao modo noite: Night mode, you'll see all sides.

Portais + Tramp: Portals and trampoline Şamanken each map object will create a list.

Nao inversao: Raise the inverse maps, you'll see around the flat. :)

Nao-making-gemea: Soul mate rope between you and your friend will not maps.

Nao colisao: Collision modes shock to them.

Mudança Nao de massa: Chocolate on the ground you walk without slowing down.

Mudança Nao de Peso: one of the favorite tricks is difficult because I'm doing or I can not wjyi cheese :). You enable this trick does not make the weight of cheese.

Fisica Permanente: Wind and gravity does not affect you.

Gravida Remover: 81 map, a special trick. Everyone you fly into the air as they fly.

Anti-AFK: bakmadığınızda die game for a long time. That does not happen.

Balao Andar no: Balloon Walk.

Conjuraçao (K): K key creates pressure floor.

The Master Anti-lag: Anti-Anti-lag and covers 2 percent lag2 tricks.

Nao cowigrav: Wind collision and gravity closes.
Transformice hack