Friday, May 4, 2012

Ubundu 12.04 download

 Ubundu 12.04 download

Precise new Ubuntu version of this spell is not long at all will be about Pangolin. 12:04, which will have the version number of this Ubuntu LTS release will be a long-term label tells us. Long Term Support LTS'nin expansion, Turkish, and the Long Term Support version of Ubuntu will be updated throughout the five years to complete. Let me give you the changes you wish to Alpha 1. Here is a list of those changes:

• The Linux kernel was upgraded from version 3.2 (currently pre-release stage)

• Ryhthmbox player became the new default (current version used in Banshee)

• Banshee, Tomboy, and Gbrainy removed (due to the programming language to use Mono)

• The folder manager Nautilus gained the support of the label (this is thought to provide easy access to the labels)

• Added support for Ubuntu Software Center, more than one preview image (there is more promotion of the program)

• Added support for filtering comments Ubuntu Software Center ("Very Hot" and "Hot"-shaped)

• Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird 9 Updated version (in other applications, the most recent position)

These and other changes to try to see for yourself just click on the links below. Full of joy to all of you, I hope the open day.

For 32-Bit:

For 64-Bit:

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